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SALONSALON was born in a growing concern for the fashion industry’s heavy imprint on environment and people.

Our vision is to promote a more mindful and sustainable approach to fashion driven by longevity and humanity in both production and consumption.

In our view, the (mis)use of resources – both human and material – is one of the most obvious and problematic issues in the fashion industry. With our set of ethics and values, the aim is to cut to the core of this.

No waste

Our main collections are made to order to ensure that every item we bring into the world is truly wanted by someone. This way we avoid sales and outlets, but most importantly we avoid that precious goods end up at landfills or is destructed by other means without ever having been sold.

Moreover, we use high quality leftover fabrics from exclusive fashion houses, minimizing our use of resources even further.

Social responsibility

Another aspect of our approach to sustainability concerns the respect for the people involved in the production of our goods and the craftsmanship and knowhow they represent.

Producing close to home (primarily in Italy) not only minimizes transportation but also ensures traceability and accountability. We know exactly where all our styles are produced and have longlasting relationships with the people behind.

Natural fibres

At SALONSALON, we believe natural fibers are the better choice. Natural fibers feel nice on the skin and age with grace. Thus, chances are they will stay longer in your wardrobe and keep their value when passed on. Moreover, Mother Nature knows how to deal with natural fibers once you decide to dispose of your worn clothes.



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